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My name is Tanmay Bakshi and I am a 13 year old Software Developer

Tanmay Bakshi, a name to remember because you’ll hear it again at some point. I had the pleasure of hosting this young man and his parents today. At 12 years of age he became the world’s youngest IBM Watson programmer. He codes in several languages, is a published author, has several apps available in the mobile app stores, actively teaches coding through his YouTube channel, develops algorithms for fun and is largely self taught. Oh and since he was visiting, he was gracious enough to give a 1-hour tech talk to some of our own developers.


My name is Tanmay Bakshi and I am a 13 year old Software Developer, specializing in iOS, watchOS and Mac OS Development (Objective-C/Swift). In addition, I am a keynote speaker, author, IBM Champion, Honorary IBM Cloud Advisor and You-tuber. I started my coding journey when I was 5 years old and have been programming ever since. I began coding with DOS and C, further developing with VB and Python, and had my first iOS App, tTables, accepted by the Apple App Store, at the age of 9; becoming one of the youngest app developers. I have also created and implemented Algorithms like the Tower of Hanoi and AskTanmay, to name a few. My recent interests have been exploring and implementing numerous IBM Watson / Alchemy APIs on Bluemix into Python and Swift applications. I have had the privilege to be among the 24 newsmakers of year 2013, chosen by the Toronto Star newspaper, and to be a part of the Bloomberg Businessweek as one of the 7 Young Entrepreneurs in 2014. I was featured in the Wall Street Journal 2016 and the New York Times 2016 featuring my work with IBM Watson. I have been very passionate about learning, and sharing knowledge through his tutorials on his YouTube Channel. My most recent innovation in the field of cognitive sciences is: “The AskTanmay Natural Language Question Answering System, that uses IBM Watson’s Cognitive Capabilities”

Keynote Speaker, Software Programmer, IBM Champion, Honorary IBM Cloud Advisor, You-tuber, Author, Algorithm-ist


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